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Are you seeking custody of your grandchildren?

The law allows for grandparents to assert their rights as grandparents and take primary custody of a grandchild. This is often done when a child is unfit or unable to properly care for the child.

Are you seeking primary physical custody of your children?

The laws of Nevada describe in great detail the factors that must be examined to determine which parent gets primary physical custody. You need experienced attorneys with the skills to navigate these laws to help maximize the opportunity to get the results you want. We are those attorneys.

What is a TPO ?

A Temporary Order of Protection can be obtained ex-parte if an emergency situation exists. The Order can help prohibit further acts of domestic violence by the adverse party and may prohibit that person from the applicant’s place of residence, school or place of employment. A TPO cannot last for more than 30 days and will otherwise have to be extended at a hearing.

Do you need to adjust a child support award?

The law allows for an upward or downward adjustment in a child support award if a change in circumstances has occurred. This phrase has a very specific meaning and is only triggered pursuant to certain factual criteria. You need attorneys with a keen understanding of the standards required for such a change. The Brewer Blau Law Group has the experience necessary to help you obtain the relief you seek .

Are you seeking to relocate out of Nevada with your children?

The law places different burdens on parents seeking to move out of State depending on the current custodial and visitation arrangement. Relocation situations are often hotly contested and difficult to resolve. You need attorneys capable of vigorously advocating your position. We will fight for you!

What is joint legal custody?

Joint legal custody grants both parents the right to participate in decisions regarding medical, educational and religious issues concerning their minor children. Joint legal custody is not dependent on whether the parents have joint physical custody.

How is alimony (spousal support) calculated in Nevada?

In Nevada, alimony(called spousal support) is not automatic and there is no set formula or calculation to determine the amount, as there is for child support. Judges consider many factors when awarding spousal support including need and ability to pay.

Nevada is a community property state. What does that mean?

All assets (and debts) acquired during the marriage are generally considered to be community property. As part of the “community” (the marriage), those assets are subject to equitable division upon divorce. There are important exceptions to this rule, such as an inheritance, which is considered sole and separate property. The title of an asset is NOT of paramount importance in determining whether it is community property. Also, the characteristic of an asset can change over time, whether you intend it to or not. See Brewer Blau to help with the complex laws governing asset division and distribution.

In today's society, paternity questions are common.

Modern DNA testing will definitively resolve paternity issues. We can help you obtain a Court Order for testing to get results.

What rights do fathers have?

Unless otherwise indicated, the laws of Nevada are to be read as gender neutral. Fathers have the same rights and opportunity to obtain primary physical custody, visitation, or to receive child support or alimony as do mothers. If the situation merits, men can adopt or obtain a TPO. Brewer Blau can help you to get the relief you desire whether male or female.