The Brewer Blau Law Group has recently litigated several relocation cases which involved special needs child/children.   Relocation cases concern the primary physical custodian’s efforts to obtain an order permitting relocation with the minor child/children out of Nevada. These cases are usually contentious as the moving party must show that the move is in good faith and that the child/children will have an actual advantage at the new location. Also, all of the Schwartz factors must be met.  Add to that needs of  the child/children who require(s) significant therapeutic preparation both before relocation and after, and the complexity and difficulty of such cases becomes obvious.  A rule of thumb is that the Court considers any child/children with an I.E.P  ( individualized educational plan)  to be a special needs child. This includes diagnosis such as autism, down syndrome, developmental delay, ADHD, dyslexia and even speech impediments.

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