Recently, the Brewer Blau Law Group obtained sole legal and sole physical custody for grandparents over the opposition of a parent. The law favors parental custody. The United States Supreme Court has determined that being a parent is a fundamental right. However, in Nevada, it is possible for someone other than a parent to overcome the parental preference and obtain custody of a child.  NRS 125.500  mandates that in order to award custody to one other than a parent, the court must first that an award of custody to a parent would be detrimental to the child and the award to a nonparent is required to serve the best interest of the child. Additionally, case law makes an  important distinction whether the loss of custody by the parent was voluntary of involuntary and then sets out a lengthy list of factor which constitute “extraordinary circumstances” which must be met prior to granting custody to a nonparent.  Contact the Brewer Blau Law Group to discuss your cusotdy rights today.

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