At Brewer Blau Law Group, Ms. Brewer and Mr. Blau combine their extensive and diverse backrounds to help you navigate through the difficult and sometimes perilous process of divorce, child support, custody, visitation, and marital or community asset division. Call them for a consultation today.

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If you are looking for attorneys who are trustworthy and attentive to your needs, then call Brewer Blau. We can help you through this stressful and emotional time and help get you through the complex process that is a modern divorce.

Kristine Brewer, Esq.

With more than 8 years exclusively practicing family law, this life long Nevada resident has the knowledge and experience to guide your case from its initial filing right through to post judgment enforcement. Ms. Brewer is a tough and savy attorney but is always ready to seize an opportunity to short cut the litigation process and settle your case so that you can acheive your goals and move on with your life.

Robert Blau, Esq.

Licensed to practice in New York for more than 20 years with Wall Street and banking experience, Mr. Blau brings an extra dimension of financial acumen to Brewer Blau. His emphasis centers on the all-important process of asset division in Nevada, a community property state.